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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Business AND Pleasure??

While I was in London vacationing and visiting my publisher, it was suggested that I do a few book videos for the Australian and New Zealand editions of some of my upcoming books.  Sounded good to me.  Why not?  Well, because I wasn’t prepared.  Scratch that.  Make it—I REALLY was not prepared.

But I was in.

Of course I wanted to look a little different in each video, but my choices for mixing it up weren’t so hot.  I collected a few of the nicer clothes I’d brought, then mixed and matched them with some of my agent’s outfits, and “winged it.”  No script, no inspiration, no questions—just “Tell the readers/viewers something unique about the book.”

Gulp.  Four different books.  All that I’d written months and years earlier.  Sure.  OOOO—kaaaay.

I wracked my brain and here’s the video, the one we came up with for BORN TO DIE. Please note that I’m wearing my agent’s jacket and her necklace.  (They’re nice . . . maybe I should have accidentally put them into my suitcase!) 

And just so you know--(as if you couldn’t guess!) there were no makeup artists, or hair stylists, or scripts or anything but someone from the publicity department and a hand held camera—the kind I use to take pictures of my dogs!

Talk about flying by the seat of my pants! (Or my agent’s, in this case!)

Note to self for the next trip:  Don’t forget the hairspray!