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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The three Ws

Weddings, Wine and Writing, that is. 

I was down in Sonoma last weekend for a wedding. And what a great weekend it was, well until we went to the airport to head home and were delayed for hours!! But we did make it back, and safely none-the-less, so more about the wedding.....

It was a beautiful venue on a beautiful summer evening, everything was, well, beautiful. Now, I never payed much attention to the details at weddings until my son got married. That was....oh my gosh......over THREE years ago!! It just doesn't seem like it was that long ago, but I guess it also doesn't seem like that long ago I was celebrating my 35th (gasp!) birthday.

Well, anyway my wedding radar is back in full force because my other son will be getting married next year, so I'm on the lookout for interesting details and any pointers anyone has to offer. They do have a wedding coordinator, so I'm sure they're way ahead of me on all of this, but hey, I like to feel like I'm helping out. One thing I did really love about this wedding was the color scheme, deep, rich fall colors. Fall is my favorite time of year for just that reason.

And we thought since we were in wine country, we better check out some wineries. My favorite was Castello di Amorosa. This winery is nestled behind the walls of a castle, which really took me back to the days I wrote Medievals and Historical Romance.

A great weekend, but now back to reality and writing.......