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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stormy Seas

I’m so glad to be cozied up next to the fire enjoying some mindless TV after a crazy trip to the coast. I’m talking thunder, lightening, hail, high winds, and side-ways rain.

I have to say though, as far as writing goes, it doesn’t get any better! Especially since my sister, Nancy Bush, and I were in the middle of plotting out our next book in the WICKED series. We were near the fictitious Deception Bay and Siren Song! We got a lot accomplished but made some time for Bailey’s and coffee too.

This evening, I finished revisions for YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW. Now, onto the next project. But, I think I may wait until next week to start that. Take the end of the week and the weekend to catch up on a few things around the house, take Jackie O No on a few nice, long walks and maybe even catch a movie?? I don’t even know what’s in theaters right now, any suggestions?


  1. We saw the Hunger Games and hubby really liked it as much as I did. Act do Valor was outstanding! This weekend we are going to see Julia Roberts in Snow White! Gonna be fun!!!

  2. Go see Hunger Games then tell me how it is..LOL I have read two of the books and am on the third but we can't afford to go see it cause there are 6 of us so we have to wait. The books are great, though yours are better. Thanks for writing such great books for us to lose ourselves in.Peace,
    Melissa Rachels

  3. I think taking the weekend off is a great idea! I hope you come out relaxed and refreshed :)

  4. I am reading Wicked Game.. really good. I have been sick with a sinus infection so the book has helped me get through the boring days. I have not seen Hunger Games but I heard it was very good. I will be watching the Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday night... Go Bucks...!!! Sunday is a family brunch and then I am sure I will be ready to just settle back into my book. Also there has been so much good tv this season. "Missing" "The River" "GCB" "Person of Interest" "Once Upon a Time" "Grim".....I DVR them and watch them when I can get the television from my husband who watches sports all weekend. LOL... Have a great day and I love your blog. Thanks