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Friday, December 4, 2015

The Weekend That Wasn’t

Forget Black Friday.
Forget Football.
Forget Shopping or eating leftovers.
My four-day weekend, which I’d planned to spend with family and friends was spent fighting the flu.  For a while, I was certain I was losing the battle, and before you ask, yes, I had the shot. Worse yet, I came down with it Thanksgiving evening, so there’s a chance I infected my whole family.  At least I had a fun time doing it, right?  Our family got together and had a great time with cousins, siblings, even ex-spouses.  So hopefully no one else will come down with it. 
Finally I’m on the mend, so I can ditch the over-the-counter remedies and cough drops and reclaim my work spot that the dogs took over while I was ailing.  Now, I think, I’ll return to my  WIP, and the wilds of Wyoming.  There’s a hero and heroine who’ve been waiting for me to explain about that nasty little murder . . .

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