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Friday, January 20, 2012

Here today, gone tomorrow

That's exactly what happened with the snow in our area. One minute it's snowing, schools are closed, kids are out building snowmen, I'm looking for Jackie O-No's PUGGS and peacoat (No, she doesn't really have either, I can't bring myself to actually purchase boots or a coat for a dog, but she does have a sweatshirt!)...... And then it's G.O.N.E.

Really, it happens that fast. But maybe that's why I love the winters here. We get the beauty and coziness the snow brings, but only a glimpse, because then it's gone and we're back to rain. rain. rain. I'd rather drive in the rain than the snow though.

On the other hand, now that the holidays are over and I'm really getting into AFRAID TO DIE, snow for a few days wouldn't be so bad. Like I said, here in the Pacific Northwest, we only see snow once a year and usually only one or two inches so it kinda freaks everyone out. It's like, "what is this stuff and how do we get around in it?" It gives me a good excuse to lock myself in the house, keep the coffee on all day and write, write, write. And with AFRAID TO DIE set in the often snowed-in little town of Grizzly Falls, it's all the more inspiring!


  1. your part of the Pacific Northwest... you are a bit South of all the fun stuff... orrrrr maybe I need to check a map again...
    stay warm!!!!
    take care

  2. If you want snow with a historic background you should come to Green Bay, wi with me for a week. we have great food, some of the weirdest killers on record and football. Besides the fact of gangster hideouts and some of the most honest to god haunted houses. luv ur books. Cherie anderson

  3. Rose PisatckyJanuary 21, 2012

    Lisa where was that picture taken...the house looks very close to a river of course it could be my laptop isn't showing the picture clearly.

  4. Hi Lisa...I'm from Montreal,Canada and it snows quite a bit. although we almost had a green christmas this year,but it did in fact snow just in time. I love your novels and have read them all except for devious and that's on my list next. You say you're a grandmother (hard to believe)but I wouldn't put your age at 60. ...maybe 45 and thats still a big maybe. I would love to have a house near the water like yours...I find the sound of water very calming.
    Love your books,and so does my dad! keep up the incredible good work!