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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

At The Office

I thought you all might want to see my work space.  This is where Jackie O-No and I work together to create the books I write.  It’s a cozy nook, away from my family and friends and the place I go when I really want to “submerge.”
As you can see, I write on a chaise lounge which is Oh-so-elegant.  Not!  My back gave out a few years back and sitting at a desk for hours on end is out.  So I use my laptop, pretty much exclusively.  Also the lounge is “lounge” enough for Jackie, too!
I can’t write unless the space is neat and tidy—or at least I can’t start a book while the office is messy.  However, as the pages are finished and the deadline looms, the area becomes a sty.  When I’m finished with the book, after a couple days of sleep, I walk into the office and think, “What happened here?  How did I not notice what a mess this is?”  Then there’s a flurry of cleaning before I settle into the next project.  Here's a pic of the place where it all starts:


  1. could you tell me the titles for the colony series thanks

  2. Your office looks very comfy...I think it says a lot that you start out neat and organized and by the end it's a clutter. Isn't there a saying about a cluttered desk being a sign of genius?! :)

    I am glad you posted on FB about your sister's book The Princess and the Pauper. I downloaded it, but I haven't read it yet. We bought my mother-in-law a Kindle for Christmas and she is truly a "book junkie" now. For 86 years young, you should see how fast she reads books these days. She appreciated that I sent her The Princess and the Pauper Friday night!

    I can't wait until your next book is out!