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Thursday, February 23, 2012


This year, February was a big month for me.  Not one, but two new books came out---okay, okay, DARK EMERALD was previously published, but early in February it was re-released with a brand new, and gorgeous cover and is finally available as an e-book, to go along with the other DARK JEWELS novels, DARK RUBY and DARK SAPPHIRE, all medieval stories about thirteenth century Wales, witchcraft, adventure and, yes, romance, which is what February is all about right, with Valentine’s Day and all.

At the end of the month DEVIOUS, the seventh book in the Bentz/Montoya New Orleans series is available as a paperback.  (It was released as a hardback with a different cover in 2011.) Detectives Bentz and Montoya are two of my most popular characters, so it’s good to see them solving crimes in the Crescent City again.

As for me, personally?  How did I celebrate Valentine’s Day?  Well, with the traditional clam chowder dinner, flowers and . . . oh, yes, and an  hour in the lazy boy watching Survivor with my favorite guy.  (We celebrated the day after, or as my father would have said, on “The MOST UN-Valentines Day.”  Sorry, Dad, it seemed to work!


  1. I love all your books and am anxiously waiting for a new one. I've even reread most of the last 14 books you've written. I love your writing and can't wait for more. I also like the books with your Sister.

  2. I love the New Orleans book series. Bentz and Montoya are my favorite Detectives! Do you know when the next book in the series is coming out or soon?