Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pin this, pin that

So, I've recently jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon. And I have to be honest, I don't think I really understand it. But OK, I'll try and figure it out.

I do have to say, it's fun to get on there and look through the other "pins." I've found some really fun stuff. And it's also been kind of handy for me, looking for different pins related to New Orleans or Montana. Sometimes if I'm stuck, having a hard time with a scene and I browse Pinterest, I'll see something that will give me that spark I was looking for.

But, I'm not claiming to be pinner-extrodinaire, I'm still learning. As my boys like to remind me, sometimes I think I'm more "with it" than I am! But, hey, I'm giving it a shot. Check me out, follow me if you like!


  1. Love your books, Lisa! I'd like to say I own them all, but my daughters run off with them as soon as I lay one down.

    I followed your Pinterest boards. I use mine to help visualize characters and settings when I'm writing. http://pinterest.com/carolynbranch/missouri-river-story/

  2. I love your books and have all of them. I can't wait for the next one and wish you could write faster. lol! I also read your sister Nancy's books and the ones you write together. I started with you and read all of your books.