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Monday, November 2, 2015

Falling Backward into Stupidity

I started off November realizing that the smart phones/clocks/televisions/whatever are smarter than I am.   Sheesh.  I woke up knowing full well that I needed to set my clock back, so I waited as long as I could stand it and finally got up.  I still thought it was around 4:30 and it was sooo dark out.  What did I know?  Then I looked at my phone.  It agreed with the clock that hadn’t been set back, but the oven and microwave were still an hour ahead.  The computer was behind and I had to assume that half the clocks in the house had fallen back, the others were like me, not of the “smart” variety.  I think now everything is as it should be.  No, wait.  The car!  It’s new.  Could it’s clock be off?  With all of its blue tooth, GPS, warning sensors and the like, surely it fell back.  Right?  I’d better check. I’m thinking the machines should be more stupid or I should be smarter.  (Probably the latter.) Whatever the case, the whole ordeal called for lots more coffee before I tackled my current work in progress. 

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